domingo, 6 de dezembro de 2009

Algumas das Cenas das Nossas Vidas!!!

Foi uma sessão muito interessante de partilha e comunhão cinéfila na última sexta feira na Adicense! Deixo-vos com algumas das vossas contribuições e respectivos comentários pessoais! Todas super originais e honestas.

It was very interesting sharing session for movie lovers last friday in Adicense! I leave you with some of the valuable contributions and personal coments! All of them very original and honest.

Film: Revolutionary Road
Although this film is based on novel from the mid 50’s is still very contemporary and made me appreciate a few choices I have made in my life. Not because the story totally relates to me, but because, opposite of what turned out to happen at the end of the film, I succeeded to run from “suburb’s trappings” and went for what I wanted, I chose to swim and sometimes almost drowned, but I always managed to survive and today feel much alive!
Besides the impression it caused me I think it’s a great film – the kind of movie that every young adult should see, before it’s to late…:)

Great performances, indeed!!

Filme: Calvaire
This movie celebrates all that is good about oddball cinema, and shows that there can be fun in dark situations.

Film: A Lenda de Cable Hogue
This movie tells the story of a man, the last one of those who lived in the dust and night of the
desert. With the coming of the automobile (and the end of the far-west) he ends up
diying, ironicaly, hit by a car. He dies next to the only place he knew and loved. Vindictive? Yes he was. Cheap? A lot!. But we wasnt mean: he was a man. And the dignity of a human being doesnt deserve crashed in amazing and artificialburial speaches that erases the dark and obscure side of the human being. This is the way I would like to remembered: with the honesty that only the greatest friendshinp and love can see.

Filme: Adaptation

A strugling and unconpromising scriptwriter in a creative block turns to his last resort: seeking advice with a screenwriting guru full of formulas and recepees for success wich he allways despised.
What's real and what is not has been my latest personal question and concern! How do movies and their stories represent the complexity of real life is a key issue for me. This scene represents to perfection that neverending question: is reality something we can contemplate?